Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the one where LeAnne makes a really big sign

No doubt most of you have seen this great autumn sign tutorial over at Ella Claire. I pinned it back in September with the hopes of turning it into a reality for my fall decor.

Just before Halloween, I was trying to figure out how I could work that large of a sign into my decor. I don't have wall space for that size of sign, but I did have space above my cabinets in my kitchen. Perfect. The next problem was the color. I didn't think that light of a sign would work as my walls are already cream. So I decided on a black sign with cream letters. You can never go wrong with black. So here is my version. All the design credit goes to Ella Claire.


I decided to go big on this sign it measures 60" long by 14" wide. Now I am not going to torture you with saying, "I just found this old board on the side of the street and painted it."  I am NEVER the girl that finds all these great things on the side of the road or at thrift shops. I am not that lucky. I've never even won a giveaway. Ever.

However, I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband that made and had the idea for this board.  He used the pine panels that you use typically for paneled walls that you can find at Home Depot. He cut the panels to size, glued them together, and used some finishing nails to secure everything in place. The panels have two sides. A nice sanded side and a nice rough side. We decided to use the rough side. I painted on one coat of cream craft paint then a layer of black craft paint. (I was not neat when I painted - seriously just slap the paint on the board. ) Then I sanded, using a circular sander to distress. Then I cut a paper stencil using my Cricut for the lettering. I taped the stencils on and painted, painted, and painted. After everything was dry I sanded it again. (I actually sanded it again after I took these pictures.)

So there you have it! A really big, but really terrific fall sign. I love it!

Happy Monday,


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