Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Ones I Forgot

I realized the other day that I never shared two quilts that I made earlier this year. Both were made as gifts and are currently being greatly loved in their new homes.

The first quilt I made back in April/May for my sister's birthday. Funny story. Recently, I've started giving family baby quilts at baby showers/births. At my sister-in-law's shower last summer my sister said something to the effect of, I missed out! It looks like you have to have a baby to get one of your quilts! (She has 6 kids, her youngest is the same age as my oldest.) So I took note and decided to make her a birthday quilt on her next birthday. I included a note with the gift and said, "Because you don't have to be having a baby to get one of these!" She loved it.

The quilt is Piece of Cake 3 by Thimble Blossoms. I actually made it as part of Camille's class on Craftsy. Awesome class. I learned so much from her and my quilts have been better ever since. If you want to learn how to quilt I highly recommend it. (FYI: The class is a great deal. You get the class plus three quilt patterns all in the cost of the class.)

Next is a quilt I made for another sister-in-law who just had a baby boy.  I loved making this quilt, my favorite baby quilt to date. So simple and quick, just squares and HSTs (half-square triangles). I used lots of different lines in this quilt and they all came together perfectly.

Oh and because I have always wanted to take my own quilt stack it is.

I finally made, and kept, enough quilts to take one. There is the proof. I am a quilter. I love it.

So there you go! I have quilts on the back burner right now because I am getting ready for the boutique. I am making a couple of quilts for the boutique so I am itching to get started on those.

Hope you are having a Happy Wednesday!


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