Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Blanket for Baby

I finished a little soft flannel blankey for the baby today. I love how it turned out. I also whipped up some quick burp cloths.

Tutorial for the blanket anyone? I am in love with the flannel print. I found both prints at Joann's. Starting next week their flannel is $1.99/yd. So stock up if you make blankets/burp cloths for baby showers. Last year at Joann's Day After Thanksgiving it was $1.49/yd...they are advertising the $1.99 as the lowest price of the year, so I dunno if they will drop it lower for Black Friday.

I am hoping to have a pattern ready for my Countdown/Advent Calendars in the next month. I know Christmas is around the corner. I also got the craziest idea for a new animal tote. I drew it out last night and would love if it actually came together. That one may have to wait till next year.

Have a great day!

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