Monday, February 8, 2010

Sewing Clothes... not my thing. I have had one too many bad encounters with invisible zippers, button holes, and all things clothing. The best luck I've had has been making about five of these adorable dresses for my baby girl.

But I have been inspired by all the cute clothing out there that people are making. I have also been inspired by my amazing former roommate Mim. She is the shirt making queen, truly. Go check out her new blog and get inspired. I really want to make her Cascade-Ruffle Front Tee.

Love your blog Mim!


  1. Wow Leanne, Thanks! I love your blog! I lost you there for a bit---why?? Anyway, so glad to be back. How are you and your sweet sweet family doing?
    PS I can't for the life of me leave a comment from my madmim site. I can only do it with my old blogger login..?

  2. i've been behind on catching up on other peep's blogs :/ but omg, how did i miss this one?! it was about CLOTHES!!! *dies* i can't even sew my darn patches to my scout shirt and here she is busting out a shirt or dress or something like that in a snap. jealous!

    by the way, we're forming a league for march madness. you guys want in? (no buy in - we're poor) i tell people who aren't really into it just pick the higher number to beat the lower number if all else fails. :) it's more fun to do with more people than few :/ plus it makes bragging rights a zillion times better (ahem JAMES, you are going DOWN this year!). let me know.

    thanks for the well wishes on sickies. stinks but it's gotta be done.


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