Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Advent Pattern

Happy Tuesday everyone! Shortly after I finished the Merry Christmas Advent Cards, I also finished the Christmas Advent Calendar Pattern. It has actually been up in the shop since late Friday, but I haven't had time to blog about it until today.

The pattern includes directions and templates to make all advents I made for the shop this year.

Style 1
Love this one! The background fabric is Holiday Damask by Michael Miller. It is getting harder to find because it was part of their Christmas collection from last year. The red polka dot is from Hobby Lobby. (This red polka is on the 'wall' of fabrics at Hobby Lobby instead of out on the floor. If you shop at Hobby Lobby you know what I mean.) :)

Style 2
 The background fabric is the same red polka from Hobby Lobby as shown above. The Santa fabric is a few years old and I have not seen it anywhere. I do have about a yard of it left, so if anyone wants some to make a calendar, let me know!
Little note: I do not include directions on extending the background fabric (red polka) over to the back. I did this a couple of times and it caused too many issues. However, you can still do the bigger title with the fabric only being on the front of the calendar. (As shown in the other two styles.)

  Style 3
I also had this calendar for sale in the shop, but it sold out before I could even blog about it! :( I love this one, it is fun and funky. The advent cards also make it look great.
I got the big polka dot and red polka dot fabric at Hobby Lobby from their Christmas fabrics.  The green snowflake fabric came from JoAnn's from last year. However, I have seen it at a couple of different Joann's this season.

 Well there you have it! I hope that if you are looking for an advent pattern, this is the one for you!

Oh, I should add that I am offering the Christmas Advent Cards and the Christmas Advent Pattern together as a bundle pack just as I did with the Give Thanks Countdown Calendar

Or if you are not a sewer and just want a bundle of both sets of Countdown Cards, you can get those too!

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