Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick and Almost Free Christmas Project

Have you all seen the fabulous FREE subway art and banner downloads over at eighteen25?
photo from eighteen25
Personally, I haven't gotten into the whole subway art craze, but I am loving this. (But you are talking to a girl who doesn't have a lick of vinyl lettering in her home. So...go figure. This is not in retaliation of disliking it, I simply like it in limited quantities.) Oh, eighteen25 also has a quick tutorial for the darling glitter trees.

So what is the 'almost free' mean for this project? Simply that. To print this size at Sam's/Costco is about $6.00. Then depending  if you have an empty frame laying around you can spray or can find for a couple of bucks at Goodwill/DI...this is a seriously affordable project.

Hmmm. After looking at the whole shelf, I think I just want the whole thing in my home. Loving it.

Happy Monday!



  1. That is DARLING!

    I'm not a vinyl fan either. None in my house.

  2. You could also use wrapping paper!


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