Friday, November 12, 2010

Merry Christmas Advent Cards

This project has been about a year in the making. Last year when I came out with the 'Give Thanks' Countdown Cards, I got oodles of emails asking when I would come up with a Christmas set of countdown cards. I had every intention on doing it last year, but I could never get my ideas such that I was happy with the outcome.

Well, a year later, I am happy to say that I finished the cards and I love the outcome. They are focused on the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. Some of the activities are more 'fun and family' focused, but most are focused around Jesus Christ. There are over 30 activities.  I know families are busy during the Christmas season, so many are ones that can be completed around the dinner table or in a few minutes. Ones that are more time-involved are some of the traditions you may already be doing.

The highlight of the cards to me are the 12 Symbols {Days} of Christmas. Beginning on December 13th, and ending on Christmas Eve, one Christmas symbol will be taught and discussed. (Yes, they are simple descriptions for all ages.) Each symbol also includes a scripture reference from the King James version of the Bible. I know many families have the tradition of doing the 12 Days of Christmas anonymously for a neighbor or friend. So I decided to also include printables and directions for doing the 12 Symbols of Christmas for a friend or neighbor.

I also have the pattern for my Christmas Advent Calendar coming. Hopefully I will get it listed later today! Just a few more pictures and one last edit. I also will be selling a bundle back of the Advent Pattern and Advent Cards, just like I did for the 'Give Thanks' Countdown Calendar.

I love the cards and I hope you do to. I've decided to do an impromptu giveaway for two sets of the cards. (They will be emailed to you and you print them off as 4x6 photos.) It is going to be a quickie giveaway, today only and I will announce the winners sometime tomorrow. The cards are also up and in my shop.

**********GIVEAWAY CLOSED***********
Remember, I am a simple gal when it comes to giveaway entries. Just leave your name and why you love Christmas. (And a way to get in touch with you if your email is not linked to your blogger account.)

Here we go!

My name is LeAnne!
I love Christmas because of all the traditions, magic, and love that comes with it. I love focusing the season on the Savior and remembering all that He has done for me.

Happy Friday,



  1. Hi, I'm Linda and I love Christmas because of the lights and decorations and the way that people are so much nicer to each other on all levels at this time of year. I wish this kindness and giving could be as strong all through the rest of the year.

  2. Hi, I'm Katie and I love Christmas because it is a time of year to see people you haven't seen for a while, I love the parties and the get togethers.

  3. My name is Anne Marie and I love Christmas because of the religious symbolism attached to it. I can forgo the commercial aspect but not the religious aspect!!

  4. Hi, I'm Mary and I love Christmas because of the birth of Jesus.

  5. Hello. I'm Beth. I love Christmas because it's of the time I get to spend with my family (aunts, uncles, and cousins). I also love the birth of Christ.

  6. Hi! I'm Deanna, and I love Christmas because of my sweet little family and all the traditions we are starting! Carrying on my traditions and my husbands has been a joy!

    curldea at hotmail dot com

  7. I love just about everything about Christmas, and I would love these cards! darbiet (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Hi I'm Krystee and the thing I love the most about Christmas is spending time with family and friends. This Christmas is epecially exciting for me because I found the perfect gift for my little man and I can't wait to see his reaction!

    fudash21 at yahoo dot com

  9. I'm Heather and I love Christmastime for so many reason...all the lovely decorations around town, spending time with family (my husband has been a grad student forever - so Christmas = 3 weeks off from school & teaching!), and best of all, I love sining Christmas carols!



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