Monday, December 6, 2010


I am always astonished at the amazing things people find thrifting. My attempts at thrifting usually result in no purchases and just staring at piles of tossed away knickknacks that I only can see as dust collectors and clutter on my shelves. I know thrifiting involves vision and a degree of patience.

I have always been a tad impatient so maybe that is my problem.

Since my attempts have been in vain, I have been looking around Etsy for inspiration. I am doing this in the hopes that when I see a pile of what seems to be nothing but junk, I will just dive in with the hope of finding something truly amazing.  I realize that all of these items have been painted/cleaned after the fact and did not look like this when they were found.

So without further adieu let me indulge you in some amazing finds.

I am kicking myself that I just didn't snag these amazing sconces.  I bet she is an amazing thrifter and got both sconces for a lot less. (But I should have told myself $22 is nothing for these beauties.)

Swoon! Can I just say for the bajillionith time how much I am loving aqua right now?
Still kicking myself.

Then there is this frame/mirror.
 Not in love with it nearly like the aqua sconces, but a close second.

Then, don't even get me started on all the amazing frames/mirrors people find! I have been on the prowl for months trying to find an awesome frame to spray paint and give new life.

credit here

loving the red
credit here

Yes. I am a little green with envy today.
credit here

Love this one
credit here

Sigh. Maybe one day I will find the ultimate thriting find. Until then I will just look at other people's finds as inspiration. Some people out there really have the vision of taking something old and making it new and truly beautiful.
To all those amazing thrifters out rock.

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