Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the quilting bug & a color story

I just finished another quilt and I love it! I love catching that little quilting bug...except this time I caught it big and it is not going away anytime soon. I have two more quilts in the rafters...and I can't wait to get started.

 Pattern - Baby Mine from Thimble Blossoms
Fabric - from my stash and scraps

This quilt goes with the crib bedding I showed you awhile back. When I selected the gray prints for the nursery, I was a little scared because the prints were darker and bold. (Mainly the houndstooth print.) I loved it but  I wanted to soften the look of the deeper grays. Then one day on Pinterest, I saw this color palette and knew it was the answer! In the end I left out the coral and my shades were deeper and darker but it was the inspiration I needed.

To make things better, instead of heading to the fabric store and spending money, I headed to my stash. (It is once again one of my resolutions this year to work through my stash.) I pulled out an amazing print from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market to be my 'main' print. I had been holding on to my last bit of this fabric for 'the perfect project' for awhile. Sad to see it all is a great print. (I also used it on my Swoon block and have a couple of pillows in the works.)

A lot of digging and cutting 5" squares later, I came up with a mix of prints from Sunkissed, Bliss, Farmer's Market, and who knows what else! This was the first time I quilted not using a 'line' of fabrics. It was a little challenging and took more time, but I LOVED it. I need to work out of a line more often.

I modified the pattern a little bit, I made the pink and white strips all the same size. This was also another attempt at free motion quilting. I am getting better! Still a long way to go, but much better from when I began!

The jumbo ric rac is the perfect finishing touch. Instead of sewing down the middle, I sewed following the curves of the ric rac using my darning foot.

In other 'nursery news'...I inherited this great mirror! Isn't the top to die for? Here is the question. Should I leave it the way it is, or should I be brave and paint/spray it a color? I've only 'sprayed' something once before. So just 'spraying' something is still a little nerve racking/leap of faith for me. :) Can you tell I am just jumping on the whole refinishing/painting furniture bandwagon? Am I still cool even though I just admitted that? ;)

Oh and in shop news. My cutting table looks like this:

Which means full kits of the my colors book are days away. Thanks for your patience. Sewing with two little ones under toe is tricky...

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Beautiful quilt!! I love the grays. I say paint the mirror! I'm a little afraid of painting myself but I have tons of hand me down furniture that I plan to paint as soon as I wrap my head around it.

  2. Oh, I'd totally paint the mirror. It has good bone structure, but it could use a little makeup. ;)

  3. Your quilt turned out adorable. I love the color scheme you went with. That mirror is awesome!! I think I would paint it, but you never know. I guess it would depend on where I wanted it.


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