Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tutorial: Quick and Festive 4th of July Crowns

I love the 4th of July. I have many wonderful memories of this holiday from my childhood. My parents always hosted a Pancake Breakfast on the morning of the 4th. We made hats out of newspaper, decorated our bikes with streamers in the spokes, and of course had lots of blueberry pancakes! It was always a great morning. I remember one year we decided not to host a Pancake Breakfast so no formal invites were sent out. However, some families were so accustomed to coming that people still showed up at our front door!

Too bad this cute idea wasn't around back then because these fun and festive 4th of July Crowns would have been one of the projects at that Pancake Breakfast.

(This project goes way back. I have to give a shout out to my friend Katie who made similar crowns like this for us to wear to HS football games back in the day. We like to say she started a trend at our school with these crowns...they started popping up all over the place after she made them for us!)

A few weeks ago I found this festive garland at the Dollar Tree. I immediately remembered Katie's crowns and knew I had to make some. I made a bunch yesterday, they are a super quick and very festive.

Safety Note: The garland is wired and can be pointy on the end. Be sure that adults cut and twist the wire.

All you need is:
wired star garland (I found mine at the Dollar Tree, 25 feet for a dollar...what a deal!)
curling ribbon
masking tape

1. Measure around your head, adding some so you can twist the ends together. Cut your desired amount of garland.

2. Twist the ends together. I removed some of the stars from the ends so I could better twist the ends together. The ends of the garland can be pointy.  If you are concerned about the pointy ends, you can cover the twisted bunch with tape. (Then cover the tape with the ribbons.)

3. Then, take a shorter length of garland, 6 inches or so, and twist it  back and forth through the back covering where you twisted or taped.

4.  I made three 'tiers' of ribbon length. (I really didn't measure how long they were, this is just an estimate. Your lengths may vary based on the age you are making the crowns for.)

For the 1st tier I made two bunches of the four colors measuring about two yards in length.
For the 2nd tier I made two bunches of the four colors measuring about one yard in length.
For the 3rd tier I made one bunch of the four colors measuring about 18" in length.

Tie ribbons on to crown so there are equal amounts on each side. Secure with a tight double knot. The last tier can be tied into a loose bow.  I only lightly curled some of the ribbons that needed it. Most of the curling ribbon I did not curl.

Quick and so easy! These adorable crowns sparkle, glitter, and shine in the sunshine! Also, they can be made for almost any occasion. Imagine how patriotic these would look for girls to wear welcoming home a family member or friend that has served in the military.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Fourth! Oh. And because I know I will be having lots of pancakes on the Fourth, here are some of my favs...

Soo good with fresh blueberries....

If you make those pancakes you have to make the Buttermilk Syrup to go with. D-I-V-I-N-E

Yes. I love pancakes. Yum.

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