Friday, June 16, 2017

Scallop Border Guide

Today I'm happy to share with you a guide I've been working on forever it seems. It's called the Scallop Border Guide and it details FULL directions and printables so you can add a scallop border to ANY quilt. It does require some quilty math, but I've done almost all the work for you by making printable worksheets to workout all the math. Just take a few simple measurements and you'll be off!

I added my first scalloped border to my Christmas Dwell (the Dwell pattern comes from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley) quilt I made years ago. I wanted to add a border to finish off the quilt, but knew a regular border wasn't the look I wanted. After seeing some vintage quilts with a pieced scalloped border, I knew exactly what my quilt needed. After many google and Pinterest searches, I couldn't find a straight-forward method for adding a scalloped border. So I put my math skills to use and tried to figure it out on my own. Wow! That first time was tricky because my quilt wasn't divisible by the same number all the way around my quilt. I had some funky numbers and swore off ever doing it again! Afterwards, I had the thought to add an additional background border to "even" everything out so I could find a divisible number. Sure enough, that was the trick that worked! Now I've added scallop borders to at least five different projects all using this method. I won't say it's fail proof, but I've never NOT had it work out. 

This guide includes directions, diagrams, full-color photos, and printable worksheets. Please, for your own sake, read ALL the directions before beginning. This is not a complex method, but it does involve quite a bit of math and measuring. Take your time and read ALL the directions before beginning.

I hope you enjoy using this guide to make many beautiful projects!  If you're on Instagram, post your projects using the #ecscallopborderguide or tag me so I can see your projects. 

Download the Scallop Border Guide HERE

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be the creator of a scallop border. However, this is my method that I've used time and time again. Feel free to use for your own quilts and quilts to sell. Please do not redistribute this guide. Rather, share a link to this blog post where the guide can be downloaded directly.  

Disclaimer #2: I've worked and reworked my directions and worksheets many, many times. (If you could see all my drafts with marks and edits.) However, even with that I am still human. All directions and worksheets are given in good faith. I will try my best to answer any questions, but do realize that without seeing how you filled out your individual worksheet and not knowing your exact quilt, I may not be able to answer every single question. However, I will try my best.
 Happy Quilting!

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