Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Itching to Do a GIVEAWAY!!!!

I hit a big landmark for my shop today! Since I am so happy I want to give something away.


Leave a little comment with your name, how to contact you (if needed) & tell me what you are up to this summer.

I will draw a winner Monday, June 29th. So have your entry in by Sunday at midnight (PST). The winner will be emailed a PDF Pattern of my Owl Tote. They are way fun to make!

Let your friends know by posting this on your blog and snag an extra entry. Lucky you!

I will start:

My name is LeAnne. :) I am up to lots this summer. Moving...again, sewing loads, being with family & friends, and trying to stay as cool as possible.


  1. Yay! I love those darling owl totes. My fun summer plans include trying to potty train one and possibly two kids before the baby is born! Not sure I want to have three in diapers at the same time. Lots of fun!

  2. I will copy pretty much everything Mar said. Potty training one and birthing another. Trying to stay cool in this hotter than usual weather (100* today! Blech.) Maybe a little quilting if I can get myself motivated to start cutting.

  3. super cute totes! my name is stacy and i have a 1 y/o little boy we call bam bam. haha. we are looking for a new place to live this summer while we get ready for bebe #2 this christmas. yikes! trying to be crafty, tidy, full of energy (which i feel is sometimes impossible), and enjoy life. love your stuff!

  4. Great idea!!

    My summer plans are also to move.... just not as far as you have :)
    And to fit in some camping time along Lake Michigan!


  5. Congratulations on your milestone with your store!

    I'm Jessica and this summer will be my last one with my daycare...I'm retiring!! I'm downsizing and taking care of MY FAMILY! I'm so thrilled!

    Your ideas are very creative - Love coming here.

  6. Aubrey here, teaching pre k summer school is my game.

  7. Congrats on your shop!!! You do such great work. I am chatting with you this summer :)

  8. Hi LeAnne! I'm Jen and I've been in love with your owl totes since the day I laid eyes on them :) Summer, we just got back from vacation, but still have VBS, bday parties, weddings, and more to go to. I'm hoping to be bust sewing and with my store too!!

  9. Hey LeAnne! I'm Adele and I have been so busy already this summer that I feel like it should be mostly over.. but its not. I just finished moving from ID to TX and will be moving back to TX in April... so we're trying not to get too comfy! Trying to stay cool in this crazy El Paso heat, busy sewing a few of your adorable 1-2-3 quiet books for my baby and a couple as gifts for friends with babies the same age... I love them! I would love to sew myself an owl tote... It is adorable and I am soooo in love!

  10. Adorable owl totes!! My name is Priscilla and its winter where I live, I am hanging out for the school holidays which are in one weeks time and I plan to do lots of sewing and take the kids to the movies and sit by my cozy fire!


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