Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tutorial: No-Sew Animal Quiet Book

So here is the promised tutorial, two days late, but here it is. Before we moved, I was searching Micheal’s for some finishing touches on a project for work. On my way out…I spied these…and the ideas started to flow of what I could use them for.

(Excuse the tattered packing…I got a little excited…not really.) These are Alphabet Cards made by K&Company from the line Actopus to Zelephant. (I thought that was clever.) The set contains 26 alphabet animal cards with fun animal factoids on the back.

I immediately knew what I was going to use these for! A little animal ABC Quiet Book. Added bonus, this little set was on sale for $5.25. I was sold. (I was going to come back with a 40% off coupon and save even more…but they were already on sale.) Now the factoids are a little much for a baby or toddler, but I figured heck…your grade schooler may even enjoy reading this! So I just thought they were an added bonus. When I got home I opened them up and discovered the cuteness of the cards.

The pictures are adorable and definitely have a vintage look to them.

So with out further adieu…here is how I made it into a book. (It’s super simple, you could figure it out with out the tutorial.)

  • one package K&Company Alphabet Cards
*Note on cards: I found mine at a Micheal’s in Michigan about a month ago. I cannot find them online, but here is a link to the designer’s site. The entire line is very cute.
  • 3 hole punch
  • small hand-held hold punch
  • two 1” loose leaf binder rings
  • access to a laminator
  • 5” cuts of various ribbons
  • method to seal ends of ribbons

1. Begin punching holes on the left hand side of the cards. I used the bottom two holes of my 3-hole punch. I lined up the bottom of my card with the guard at the BOTTOM of my punch. Go to town. (If you do it this way the holes will all be in the same position when you are done.)

2. *Optional Step – I created a cover in Photoshop using two digital packs from Summer Driggs. (I love her packs.) I did not print them out because I want to add a name at a later date. Print it out at home or run off as a photo at Costco. Then punch holes and laminate too.

3. Get the cards laminated and cut. I taught for 5 years and learned a few things about laminating. When you cut, leave at least 1/8” – ¼” of laminate around the entire card or your seal will break. Also, if you punch your holes after you laminate your cards, you will break the seal on the actual card. After I cut out my cards, I just used a smaller hole punch and punched just inside the laminate. (Or if you don’t have a smaller one, just prick the laminate with the tip of one of your binder rings.)

Don’t know where to get your cards laminated? Kinkos and such places are typically $$$. I went to a local teaching supply store, where they charge .89 a foot, which is pretty good. The total length of all the cards when I got mine laminated was 5 feet. That should give you a ballpark of the total cost. Also if you live close to a Lakeshore Learning store they have a self-service laminator and it costs .39 a foot. (Last time I was there.) Call to double check before you head out.

4. Place on rings. At this stage I determined the book definitely needed something.

5. That something was ribbon.

6. Cut a bunch of pieces in about 5” lengths. (I picked 5 different kinds of ribbon and did 2 of each.) Tie on rings. Clip to desired lengths and seal the ends.

7. You are done! Quick, easy, and super cute! Total cost for me was less than 10 bucks. (I had the binder rings and ribbon on hand.)

Let me know if you made one and where you found your cards!


  1. what great prints and a great idea. I love the look of those cards.

  2. Hey, glad to hear the move went well.

    That book is seriously adorable!!! Great for gift ideas! I might have to go to Micheals and pick me up some! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I am making one of those as soon as I get a coupon and find Michaels!

  4. I found you through Tip Junkie...this is so cute! I love it!

  5. I live overseas, so finding something like this online is a great help. I did find that it is on, just search for the K&Co Alphabet Cards, and it pops right up! :)

  6. To save your hands you can go to Office Max or an office supply store and they will hole punch the whole deck for $1.

    I've seen those decks here in Omaha - they are really cute. I've also seen a fabric at our local quilt shop that is similar.

    I'd like to post/review your blog on mine - those quiet books are awfully cute!

    Tina "The Book Lady"


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